Luleå Business

About us

Luleå Business & Economic Development coordinates all of Luleå’s positive business forces to create the best possible climate for companies in Luleå. We are the mutual organization for the local business community, Luleå Municipality and Luleå University of Technology.

We seek to stimulate economic growth in Luleå by developing existing companies, carrying out development projects for the local business community and actively working to attract inward investments. The twelve industry councils form the basis for our operation.

Many municipalities have a department dedicated to the development of the local economy. In Luleå we have chosen a different course. In 1997, on the initiative of the local business community, Luleå Business & Economic Development (Luleå Näringsliv AB) was founded. The local business community owns 51 percent and Luleå Municipality 49 percent of the company.

We can help you with everything from starting a new company to developing your existing company. We are a point of contact between the business community and public administration. Our foremost priorities are to improve the local business climate and to identify potential growth areas in Luleå.

Use us as your one channel to connect with the partners you are looking for. Our assistance with coordination is, of course, free of charge for individual operators.

Contact our Business Development Directors to discuss what we can do for you!