Luleå Business

We offer excellent conditions for future establishments

Everything is close in Luleå. So are the committed residents; businesspeople, public officials and politicians who work actively to promote Luleå’s growth and development. We have therefore come together and found a suitable site for large scale industrial establishments. This, coupled with rapid decision making processes surrounding zoning plans and good relations with the County Administrative Board and other regulatory agencies, means that we can get to work quickly. The site is located at coordinates 65°37’34.7”N 22°07’01.2”E, on Hertsöfältet about 8 km north of central Luleå, land-register reference Luleå Hertsön 11:1, owned by Luleå Council. In their General Development Plan, Luleå Council has provided clear guidelines for the development of the city. The site offered here is especially suitable for the establishment of industrial operations.

To the south, the area is bordered by water, Hertsöfjärden. Across the water lies Svartön, with LKAB, the Port of Luleå, Swerea Mefos and SSAB amongst others. There is an extensive rail network inside the port area. The site is highly accessible, with a road network consisting mainly of large and mid-sized roads, well connected to the port of Luleå and European Route E4. Public roads are available in several directions. Current access roads are designed and maintained to support heavy traffic.