Luleå Business

Luleå - a city experiencing strong growth

According to the locals, Luleå is a great place to live. We are more than 77,000 – a steadily growing number. That’s why we also invest heavily in schools, healthcare and in building new homes, more than 2,000 new ones by 2018.

Luleå has a growing enterprise and a famously rich cultural scene with meeting places for a number of arts: music, theatre, dance, film and visual arts. In summer, festivals gathering crowds of all ages are held in the city. Luleå also has several international cultural exchanges, with places such as Austin. Luleå’s restaurants are increasing in number and have gained nationwide notability. We also have a wide range of both leisure and professional sports, with basketball and ice hockey being the most popular. In nearby Boden, you will also find Sweden’s northernmost trotting race track.

Luleå has one of Sweden’s most beautiful archipelagos. The Gulf of Bothnia has 4,001 islands. It is the only brackish water archipelago in the world, with freshwater from the rivers that run out into it. Winter in the archipelago is unique. The cleared ice roads that allow you to walk around the city or take your car our to one of the islands, amaze and impress visitors from near and far.

Gammelstad Church Town is one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, sites considered important to preserve for the future. The church opened in 1492, the same year that Columbus discovered America. The hundreds of small, red church cottages were used for accommodation during church weekends, a tradition that lives on to this day. Gammelstad is one of Luleå’s most popular destinations. Luleå has snowy winters and sunny summers, often giving us a top spot amongst the sunniest places in Sweden. In other words, this really is a great place to live!