Luleå Business

Luleå has a powerful, world-class industrial tradition

The beautiful coastal city of Luleå has been an important port for southward marine transport of raw materials from the Barents region, for more than 500 years. When the major iron ore fields in northern Swedish Lapland were first uncovered in the late 1800’s, this led to the construction of the Iron Ore Line and the Luleå Ore Harbour. In 1888, the first ore train began servicing the Gällivare-Luleå railroad. In 1915, the Ore Line was electrified, an industrial revolution that greatly increased the number of ore railroad deliveries to Luleå. In the 1940’s, this led to the establishment of the Norrbotten Ironworks, today known as SSAB, one of the world’s most efficient CO2 facilities for the production of high-tensile steel. The surplus energy generated by SSAB is used in Luleå’s district heating system, giving the residents of Luleå energy costs that are among the lowest in Sweden.

The access to competitively affordable, renewable energy from hydropower plants on the Lule River, a stable and secure high voltage transmission network, as well as Luleå’s naturally cool climate, were major factors behind the establishment of Facebook’s first European data centre here in 2011. Today, Facebook’s Luleå facility makes the city one of the world’s foremost locations for data centres.

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