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Luleå – a great location for large material flows

9 November, 2018 | Articles & Updates


Luleå is a major logistics hub for all forms of transport, not least marine transport. The port of Luleå is Sweden’s leading port for bulk goods and already handles very large material flows to and from major paper and mining industries as well as steel mills. The Port of Luleå is one of Sweden’s five core ports, meaning that it receives special priority from the EU in providing efficient logistics throughout Europe. Sweden’s largest dredging project is being planned as part of the Malmporten project, with a planned dredging of 20 million cubic metres of material, to allow ships four times larger than are currently able to reach the port. When evaluating the project, the Swedish Maritime Administration concluded that emissions from marine transportation can be cut by half, whilst freight prices can be lowered by 40 percent. The rail network is in continuous development and at the national level there are plans to build a connecting rail corridor around the Baltic Sea, The Iron Ore Line between Luleå and Narvik in northern Norway is one of the most important goods routes in the country. Locally, in central Luleå, a new travel centre is planned for 2021, creating a hub for sustainable travel.

Luleå also offers well-functioning air travel, the local airport is Sweden’s fifth largest airport in terms of passenger numbers and has 16 daily flights to Stockholm. There is also a wide range of direct charter flights.

Digital communications are well developed in Luleå. 73 percent of local residents have stable broadband connections with a minimum speed of 100 Mbits/second.