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World-leading research

8 November, 2018 | Articles & Updates


Luleå university of technology, LTU, is world leading in several areas of research, including renewable energy and the development of sustainable, energy-efficient systems and processes. LTU is also the Swedish university best connected with the industry, with more than 60 percent of external funding supplied by enterprise. Raw MatTERS is one of the largest raw materials projects in the EU. LTU is one of six project nodes and will be leading the work with innovation and education in the field of mining in Europe. LTU is Sweden’s space university, with related operations both in Luleå and at the Space campus in Kiruna. Space technology research has seen major expansion in recent years and researchers at LTU have been tasked with building the first Swedish measurement system, HABIT, to be placed on the surface of Mars in 2018.

The establishment of Facebook’s first European data centre has led to a number of new education and research initiatives at LTU. As part of these investments, the university, in collaboration with SICS North Swedish ICT, has built a national data centre facility for testing and experimentation related to data storage and Big Data technology. In Luleå, about 4,000 people are employed in the industry, working in the global market. Several of our IT companies are world-leading. Swerea MEFOS in Luleå is one of the leading industrial research institutions in the field of metallurgy and metal processing for efficient, sustainable industries. A research project concerning the recycling of lithium-ion batteries is underway, with the goal of handling cobalt, copper, aluminium, lithium oxide, manganese and nickel at recycling rates of more than 80 percent.